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107, Redfern Street


15th September

12pm - late


For EF18, Carla Zimbler presented Live Visuals and Projection Mapping for female identifying and non-binary individuals in an inclusive and fun learning environment.


This full day masterclass explored experimental VJ techniques, blending modes and effects. Students learnt how to create audio-reactive visuals, build interactive video installations and projection map to sculptural surfaces.

Carla Zimbler creates live visuals and designs large scale video installations and audio-reactive animation for runways, stage performances and building façades. Carla began engaging with projection art as a medium during study in eastern Iceland in total darkness. It was a way to lighten up bleak surroundings and lift emotional states throughout winter. As a result, Carla started to design and build sensory experiences and meditative spaces for audiences - transformative, therapeutic environments which aid in restorative healing through sound, touch and vision.


Nanoloop Mono Workshop (Gameboy)

1pm – 1:30pm
Croy Broodfood (ex-Bloody Fist) runs through the basics of using the analogue step sequencer Nanoloop Mono to create acid and techno and other monotonous sounds using the original Gameboy. Gameboys and carts provided, BYO headphones.

Intro to LSDj (Gameboy)

1:30pm – 2:30pm
Jamie Aisjam takes you through the basics of using LSDj. The music sequencer/tracker for Gameboy and Gameboy Colour. You will learn how to create instruments and arrange patterns into a sequence in this one hour workshop. Gameboys and carts provided.

Intro to Renoise (PC/Mac/Linux)

2:30pm – 3:30pm
Sean Melt Unit (Cock Rock Disco/Breakcore Give Me Wood) demonstrates the basics of creating music with the music sequencer/tracker Renoise with an emphasis on sampling and rearranging samples from the media (PC/Mac/Linux). 

Glitch visualisation to sound workshop (PC/Mac/Linux)
3:30pm – 4pm
Abissus Void shows you the basics of creating real-time glitch visualisations synched with music using PC software. This workshop will give you an intro in to creating visualisations from Renoise and Audacity.


In the context of the emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) our relation to technology is changing as the IoT is embedded within seemingly unrelated objects. The IoT suggests a new paradigm in which individuals are submitted to the range of its sensors; we are offered no choice but to surrender to its monitoring. This gives rise to urgent social and political concerns surrounding privacy and identity issues, particularly given that the impetus for the propagation of the IoT is the identification and tracking of people by both governmental and commercial organisations. 

PilferShush is a research project by City Frequencies that seeks to examine the connection between IoT devices and mobile phones specifically through the rising use of inaudible near-ultra high frequency signals. It has a demonstration model that consists of an IoT lightbulb that communicates to a mobile phone and forces it to open a browser to a specific webpage – with no user action required. And a counter-surveillance app consisting of a passive and active jammer within the 18kHz – 24kHz range.

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For close to thirty years, Staging Connections has proudly built a reputation as leading AV production and event specialists. 

Encore Event Technologies thrive on providing brands with the most original, engaging and memorable events that leave a lasting impression on all who attend them. And that’s exactly what we do throughout 100 locations and alongside in-house partnerships at over 70 premier venues throughout Asia Pacific.

Come visit Encore's booth at EF18 from 12pm