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107, Redfern Street


15th September

12pm - late


107, Redfern Street


15th September

12pm - late


Baron Lanteigne (CA)

'Mythology in Progress' 

Although the newest broadcast platforms offer an unparalleled potential for interactivity, most content remains unidirectional. In other words, a single personality reaches an audience who listens. ‘Mythology in Progress’ is a series of online performances that question this streaming culture and the over-quantification of our behaviour on social networks. During the performance, a virtual environment is presented to visitors. Through their comments or reactions (emoji), the audience controls an interactivity system that transforms the virtual environment throughout the performance. For example, participants in the 9th live stream were immortalized while the data from their Facebook profile was used to create a glitched virtual avatar. Thus, the reaction system created by social networks is out of context.

Baron Lanteigne is a new media artist living in Quebec City, Canada. Baron Lanteigne unites different practices (video, sound, programing and electronics) to create multi layered virtual environments presented as physical installations. By developing his own software tools, the artist proposes a unique exploration of the digital world. 

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Eric Kuhlmann

'Millie's Shadow'


Dog makes art and challenges the humanist tradition of anthropomorphism. Millie is about to be awarded a PhD from Australasian University of Lovely Food. Dogs teach us how the AI powered cyborgs of the future will treat Pavlov. The making of this video involved a series of Android apps and Java programs that could synchronise the camera on multiple devices and then aggregate the data in to one video file.

Kuhlmann is an artist and cultural worker living in Adelaide. He enjoys collaborating with disparate artists and his dog Millie. Kuhlmann's past work has included cabaret shows, live performances, paintings, prints, drawings, spoken word, video and new media installations.


Haydiroket (TR)


Today, in our pre-programmed world, the virtual life we lead looking at infinite screens only isolates us more than ever before; all the attempts we automatically make to be liked and admired pile into a massive digital junkyard, most of the data is accumulated in clouds, and all our thoughts and sentiments can only be expressed through web addresses and Internet browsers. The digital Renaissance we live in this world is about to take complete control.

Working under the pseudonym Haydiroket, Mert Keskin is an Istanbul-based artist and curator. His main mediums are GIF, Video, Collage. He was part of some Demoscene groups in the 90s before having his talents tapped by the likes of MTV, Converse and Tumblr. His work has been exhibited at venues such as The Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), Museum of the Moving Image (New York), Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (Washinton D.C.) etc. 


Jess Goehring (USA)

'Circulation of events on instagram'


The work is a psychological synthesis of consumerism, feminist identity, and gender politics; examining the private as public. Through social media we experience false intimacies that are choreographed and staged for our consumption to illicit feelings of connectivity. My work alters, redacts and re-contextualizes these publicly consumed images and memes to create an emotionally abstract hybrid. A chimera of fast fashion, fast art, fast politics, fast news and fast culture.


Jessica Goehring is a multi-media artist whose work focuses on themes of consumerism, feminist identity, gender politics and social media

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Laura Hyunjhee Kim (USA)

'Privacy Stock Video Footage' 


Laura Hyunjhee Kim renders familiar physical experiences into fabricated (non)existent spaces that reimagine digital culture and virtual living. Playfully engaging with the Do-It-Yourself amateur aesthetics of the Internet, she utilizes consumer electronics in production and draws inspiration from viral memes, lo-fi pop music, narrative found-footage film, and kitschy low-budget commercials. 


Laura Hyunjhee Kim (b. Palo Alto, USA) is a Korean-American multimedia artist who has shown work in on/offline exhibition spaces, screenings, and festivals around the world recently including the Streaming Museum and Harvestworks, Made In NY Media Center, Centro Cultural São Paulo - The Wrong New-Digital Art Biennale, Internet Archive, Ever Gold Projects, San Jose ICA, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, and Super Art Modern Museum (SPAMM). 



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Lisa Carletta (UK)

'Paradise Found

In my animation “Paradise Found” I have mainly worked on the disintegration and reconstruction of the self, the identity, the body and the digital self. Highlighting the way we represent ourselves in the digital realm and how it might impact our behaviour and the shaping of our persona. Using a virtual surrogate to portray a life mediated by technology and playing on this blurred line between virtuality and reality, I have created an idealised version of myself composed of many parts of other bodies, the obtainable unobtainable; potentially this future and single online identity. My character remembers her past life thanks to data gathered while she was a human being in a flesh body. My interests were mostly focused on the idea of enhancement, the notion of perfection and the quick shift beauty and technology have been through.

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s4ra (PT)

'RIO-ME PORQUE ÉS DA ALDEIA E VIESTE DE BURRO AO BAILE' (I laugh because you bring your ass to the party)


Popular sonorities and imagery combined with computer-based aesthetics. Visual elements feature iconic images, 8-bit, pixel and glitch, whereas sound is the result of sampling and mixing of fado.


s4ra is a digital media artist that spent endless hours shooting at monsters and strolling through mazes. So, it only felt natural for her to evolve through an experimental and explorative process of the visual culture of video games and popular gif files in her animations. She still plays old school computer games.


Sandrine Deumier (FR)

'Pink Party'

Author, video artist and performer. With her dual philosophical and artistic training, Sandrine Deumier constructed a multifaceted poetry focused on the issue of technological change and the performative place of poetry conceived through new technologies. Using material from the word as image and the image as a word vector, she also works at the junction of video and sound poetry considering them as sensitive devices to express a form of unconscious material itself. The process of writing and the mobile material of the image function as underlying meanings of reflux which refer to the real flickering and to their reality transfers via unconscious thought structures. Her work consists mainly of texts, digital poetry, multimedia installations and audiovisual performances in collaboration with composers.


AI scans for organic lifeforms_edited.pn

Warren Handley

‘AI Scans For Intelligent Lifeforms’


Warren Handley is a Digital Multimedia Artist & Freelance Graphic Designer based in Brisbane, Australia. A self confessed colourist, his work is often psychedelic in aesthetic and geometric in form. Abstraction is a prominent theme and process across many areas of his practice in both his still and moving image works. 

As surveillance across the planet ramps up, so to does the use of AI algorithms to facilitate it. How will AI in the future differentiate life forms? This video work is a speculative visual and auditory meditation on what this perspective may look and sound like. How will robotic AI experience spatial reality in the future? How will humans experience sight and sound when our bodies become more integrated with technology and AI? 


Zandi Dandizette (CA)

Zandi Dandizette is a new media interdisciplinary installation artist and curator originating from Portland, OR and lives in Vancouver, BC. They are currently the founder and executive director of The James Black Gallery (2014), head of the nonprofit org CARFAC BC (1990), and on the board of directors for VIVO Media Arts Centre (1973). Zandi graduated in 2014 from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Animation.


As an interdisciplinary artist, they try to embody their work in everything that they do including performative elements. Zandi also has a keenness for the transformation of a space which is prevalent in their curatorial works and installations. Their curations explore the bridging of digital and physical realms to cross-pollinate mediums and space between conversational circles.