DIASPAR @ Vivid Music Series

On the 15th of June, 2017, Electrofringe proudly and loudly curated a night of experimental and emerging artists showcasing their exciting works for the Vivid Music series at 107. The evening provided a glimpse into the world of Sydney’s emerging technology-infatuated sonic talent. Laura Hunt is a mixed media and sound artist whose work speculates about the plausible futures of a techno-spiritual, post-capitalist union. Steffan Ianigro creates biologically inspired sonic landscapes, using artificial neural networks and modular synthesis. Ensemble Mongrel’s intermedia performances celebrate cultural diversity in poetry, music, and image — fusing analog and digital technologies. Electrofringe Artistic Director, Kimberley Bianca a.k.a Disaster Girl, VJ’s content collected from an open call out submissions. So leave your tinfoil hat at home and allow us to share with you the electromagnetic future ideas and disturbances of Diaspar, a futuristic city controlled by an all-encompassing ‘A.I.’— The Central Computer in the 1956 Arthur C. Clarke novel The City and The Stars.

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