Your privacy is very important to us

Image: Ella Byrne performing 'Mirror Machine'

On September 15th 2018, Electrofringe presented EF18 at 107, Redfern. Your privacy is very important to us showcased local and international artists and practitioners working in the electronic mediums. 2018 marked 20 fantastic years of Electrofringe performances, exhibitions, meetups and events forging technology with community. EF18: YOUR PRIVACY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US After leaking private conversations, Amazon’s “Alexa” is not to be trusted. MIT’s wearable device can hear the words you speak in your mind. Makeup camouflage has turned commuters into clowns as they attempt to hide from face-recognition technology. In the post-privacy world, internet security is becoming increasingly fickle; humanity is remaining compliant but is posting memes as a coping mechanism. 'Your privacy is very important to us' investigated the ethics of personal data collection and the uncertainty it permeates for the individual and broader society. Personal data collection has transformed the way we live our very lives- location devices allow us to track the movements of our friends and family, computing devices are integrated into our cars, TVs and refrigerators and cookies allows online shopping to be effortless. Do we truly cherish our personal data? Will the AI evolution shape a more connected and safe society? How can we trust organisations to use our data for good, not evil?

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