partner with us

​With a community of ambitious creative technologists, experts, and leaders in their fields, we are looking for partners and sponsors and can offer you: your branding across EF social media, website, and print advertising, display your marketing collateral to our network and provide the technology and methods for a future generation of creativity.


with us

Electrofringe hosts free and open showcases, without commercial funding, run by volunteer and collaboration efforts. We are looking to build a community to help us make this radical organisation more integrated in Sydney. If you're interested in getting involved in the core of the organisation, please contact our general manager, Keesha, to find out more.

host an event

​With a community of 30 artists, technologists and facilitators, and regular meetups, we are always working on new ideas and scenarios. Would you like us to host a music night, workshop, collaboration, intermedia, a video screening program? Please study our website, and contact our artistic director, Jono, to find out more.

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