Sharing Turtle™ (sharingturtle.com) is the brainchild of art-trepreneurs Laura Hyunjhee Kim and libi rose striegl conceived in 2018. With a thoughtful yet irreverent attitude towards the modern cyborgian state, Laura and libi interrogate the fragile balances maintaining symbiotic human-tech relationships and investigate human and computational behavior. Incorporating critique and interpretations of contemporary thinkers, modern scientific and technological advancements, and engaging with the vast potential of the post-digital art world, their collaborative work embraces both the cynical and the hopeful. 

Sharing Turtle™’s work has been exhibited at the Boulder Public Library in Boulder, CO, and is on permanent display at the Blow Things Up (BTU) Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO. They were virtual artists in residence at Welcome to My Homepage and their project Working Alone Together™ was on display at the Museum of Human Achievement (MoHA) in Austin, TX.

Evan Meaney is an artist, game designer, and developer who teaches new media practices at the University of South Carolina. There, he serves on the faculty of theSchool of Visual Art and Design in addition to being a collaborative researcher with the Center for Predictive Maintenance.


In the past, Evan has been an artist-in-residence at the Wexner Center for the Arts and theExperimental Television Center, a founding member ofGLI.TC/H, a super juror for IndieCade, an affiliated researcher at Oak Ridge National Lab, and a contributor to the Atlantic. His creative works have found audiences all over the world, including IFF Rotterdam, Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, Oi Futuro in Rio de Janeiro, and the U.S. Library of Congress.


Currently, Evan is developing a number of personal projects while collaborating with a team of engineers on virtual reality applications for industry 4.0 deployment. His time-based artworks are available through the Video Data Bank in Chicago.


Edison Chen is a new media artist who has worked primarily in public spaces. He is interested in emerging technology and the potential of interactive mediums to explore human behaviour and agency. Chen’s work revolves around themes of play, connectivity and collective-ness. Chen’s work spans various mediums; Virtual Reality, public urban sculpture, light installation, net.art and inflatable sculpture. Edison has exhibited for VIVID Sydney in 2016 and 2018. 

net.art Exhibition by EDISON CHEN


“Everything is going to be o-KOI” (o-KOI) is a response to the presence of dread that grows  as we head towards the future. Our isolated minds are plagued by a myriad of issues that range from personal to worldly. Compartmentalised feelings linger towards topics of purpose, living up to expectations and ambitions, human rights, climate change, and aging (trying to remain YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL!). We worry about population growth, self-discovery, violence and terrorism, belonging and social integration, incurable diseases, finding love, surviving, FOMO, and the potential of mass extinction.

EJ Son is a interdisciplinary artist working with video, ceramics and installation. Born in South Korean and immigrated to Sydney at the age of seven. She’s struggled to navigate through life with racism and patriarchy interrupting her, but she’s finally had enough and lost her sanity, or perhaps found her sanity to reconstruct reality through laugher, orgasms and ‘cute’ objects. She believes perversion is a symptom of life, and everyones a little perverted one way or another to varying degrees and intensity. It is how we cope in this sick sad world. But she finds special merit in women’s perversion, as their pleasures have been restricted to and shaped around the phallus. Desires for anything else apart from it has been deemed abnormal and hysterical. So with this logic of “abnormalisation” of the female agency and pleasure historically, socially and culturally; liberated woman are perverts as they are no long determined by the phallocentric values and ideologies.


She believes her perversion has the power to subvert the racial hierarchy and the patriarchal discourse. To be liberated from the systems in which the secrets of pleasure are suppressed. She wants to be a creature of an uninhabited existence. To celebrate this female perversity, claim back the power of language to re-define ourselves.