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107, Redfern Street


15th September

12pm - late

D.A.Calf is a sound and installation artist, musician, composer and producer. He is currently in the Sound Art & Spatial Sculpture program at RMIT where his particular interests lie in explorations of trauma, memory, serialisation, place and cartography.

He has previously presented interactive installation works at Dark Mofo (Last Words in a Hearse - piece for three hearses and website, 2016) and for The Boon Companions (Human Reactable at All That We Cannot Say, 2016); gallery-based durational video and sound works (Remnant, Kings Artist-Run, 2017); live scores (Nature Morte at COP21 Film Festival, Federation Square, Melb, 2015); sound and light-based performances (Hurtz, Melbourne Music Week 2014, Electrofringe 2015, Tilde Festival 2016) and studio/field recordings (Terra series, 2014- ; One Hundred Sixty-Eight Hrs, 2017; Flushes of…, 2016- ; Seven Mornings, 2017).


Elbee presents a unique sound palette of rich synth tones, field recordings and found sounds arranged into eccentric grooves. His live set has been carefully refined for over a decade, transitioning seamlessly in and out of finely crafted studio compositions and modular synth improvisations on a journey through vast ambient landscapes, clunky breaks, braindance wig outs, footwork, jungle and beyond.

The performance is a mash up of sonic improvisations morphing into studio compositions before glitching their way back into improvisations, all the while feeding data to a world of geometries textured with experiments on film.