about us

Electrofringe is a presenting platform for experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia. Through an annual program of unique exhibitions and events, Electrofringe seeks to foster innovative works and creative practices that use technology in new and exciting ways.


Electrofringe focuses on putting artists and their works in the same place at the same time to encourage artistic exchange, development and dialogue. Our mission is to lead the way in consistently supporting emerging electronic and tech-based artists through the presentation of work and ideas; To lead the way in nurturing a vital culture of experimental electronic and tech-based art in Australia through innovative programming and engagement with audiences.

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Jonathan Lockhart

Artistic Director


@jonomilo, our Artistic Director enjoys reading, activism, graphic, and sound design and has been involved in organizing grassroots arts and music events for over a decade in the United States and internationally online. He can't wait to bring a diverse collection of artists and performers work to it you from all across the globe and local to the city of Sydney.


Keesha Field

General Manager


@keeshacathrine, our General Manager spends her spare time deliberating the ethical implications of feeding ducks bread. She is otherwise occupied by her studies in Contemporary Art and Psychology at the SCA/USYD and her little radio show, @sydney.psychers. She can’t wait to deliver you only the BEST electrostuff.


Tristan Miller

Communication/Marketing Manager


@tristan_miller, our Communications and Marketing Manager enjoys all things graphic design, he is currently studying Visual Communication at UTS and does freelance graphic design work on the side.

former producers

Sally Lewis, Patrick Diment, Ellen Formby, Nick Rittar, Sean Healy, Joni Taylor, Shannon O’Neill, Gail Priest, Vicky Clare, Wade Marynowsky, Sumugan Sivanesan, Cat Jones, Ben Byrne, Alex White, Melissa Delaney, Elmar Trefz, Matthew Gingold, Somaya Langley, Daniel Green, Estee Wah, Cara-Ann Simpson, Peter Fitzgibbon, Roslyn Helper, Caitlin Gibson, Andy Huang, Kelly Hayes, Jess Kirkby, Kimberley Bianca