Featuring: Randolf Reimann and Accessible Arts

Randolf Reimann & Accessible Arts

Randolf Reimann aka Tra La La Blip uses Ableton Live, running workshops for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. He has an in-depth knowledge of this platform, having adopted the software into his musical practice back in 2001.

Facilitated by Accessible Arts, Randolf will run a two-hour workshop  using Ableton Live, kicking off the Electrofringe festival on the morning of Thursday 1st October. Spread the word…

Come and participate:

(Photo courtesy of Accessible Arts.)

Looking for Festival Volunteers

the festival is only ten days away and we’re looking for a few more volunteers.

while we’re looking for people with any types of skills we’re also looking for some specific skills:

  • someone who holds a valid RSA in NSW
  • stage managers / artist assistants (with technical capabilities)
  • gallery invigilators (minding our gallery spaces)

if you think you’d like to be involved – please send us an email to: electrofringedirectors(at)gmail.com

Festival Tickets

With the exception of two gigs, this festival is free!! (How often do you hear that these days…)

Tickets (for the two non-free gigs) are on sale now. Get in quick to purchase them.

These gigs are collaboratively run with Sound Summit and include the likes of Qua, Vivian Girls, Stalker, Rosy Parlane, ILIOS, DJ Ripley, Bum Creek and many more.

  • $20 – will get you a pass for both nights from Moshtix
  • $12 inc. bf – presale tickets from Moshtix
  • $15 – on the door – if there are any left after presales

Book your tix now: http://www.moshtix.com.au/event.aspx?id=30159&ref=moshtix

For more info on the gigs see:

Featuring: Bum Creek

Bum Creek

Hailing from Melbourne, Sam, Tarquin and Trev (aka Bum Creek) grew out of the Canberra art scene and have been attending Electrofringe since back when they were Uni students.

Performing at the main gig of the festival, the Saturday Night Showcase (at the Cambridge), they’ll be joined by the likes of Ivan Lisyak and 10k Freemen.

Come see Bum Creek:

(Photo: Bum Creek in Japan. Photo courtesy of the artists.)

Featuring: DJ Ripley

DJ Ripley

Heading over from Oakland/Berkley and presented in collaboration with Sound Summit is the lovely lady, DJ Ripley: academic, journalist and dj of those dubstep riddems (amongst other things)

See DJ Ripley at:

And if you want to listen to some of her sounds, check: To The Party Members

(Photo: DJ Ripley in action. Photo courtesy of the artist.)

Featuring: Mika Meskanen & Temp Sauna

Mika Meskanen & Temp Sauna

Thats right peoples… in the spirit of mobility, sustainability and adaptation, this little sauna is heading to Newcastle, all the way from Finland (via Berlin). Utilising locally found materials, it will help you to warm your souls, should the festival night air get a little chilly…

Find Mika Meskanen and the Temp Sauna at:

(Photo: Mika Meskanen and Temp Sauna. Photo courtesy of the artist.)

Featuring: Jim Cuomo

Jim Cuomo

Come witness the musical wonder of a man, a saxophone and a computer.  Jim Cuomo, who composed the music for the original version of SimCity, will be performing and talking at the festival – so please come along and see what it’s all about:

See Jim Cuomo:

(Photo: Jim Cuomo. Photographer: Evelyn Easting.)

Ger Ger

Ger Ger, media artist, born in Vienna (AT), currently lives and works in Berlin (DE). His work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions all over the world.


Samuel Bruce

Samuel Bruce is an artist living in Western Sydney whose practice encompasses generative audiovisual abstraction, electronics, a catalogue of garage sale signs, and endurance karaoke. Now it seems he’s curating Electro-Online, so all that time spent on the web is finally paying off.


Featuring: Rosy Parlane

Rosy Parlane

Come listen to the beautiful wash of sounds from New Zealand’s Rosy Parlane, alongside Ducktails (US), Pumice (NZ), Qua (Melb), Jim Cuomo (US), Aoi (Melb), Toecutter, Guarde Compartmente, and Stalker.

See Rosy at:

(Photo: Rosy Parlane. Photographer: Rachel Cobcroft.)